Nose to Tail Dining


’The Whole Hog’

On Thursday 28th March, we will be hosting the first of our nose-to-tail dinners - ‘The Whole Hog’. With the aim of using each different part of the animal or produce from Nose to Tail, this series will give diners the chance to taste a range of exciting dishes which utilize some of the more unusual elements we may not be so familiar with, but nevertheless have great potential to be just as delicious and rewarding. 

We begin this culinary journey with a celebration of Scottish pork with the help of Hugh Grierson Organic Farm & Butchery. Based in the Strathearn Valley, it is a traditional family farm which produces organic, grass fed meat of the highest quality. Our ‘Nose-to-Tail’ event will feature Griersons' locally bred and reared Berkshire pigs, which are reared slowly, thrive in the outdoors and produce sweet succulent tasting pork.

In the months to come, we look forward to showcasing other exciting suppliers and sharing more details on our ‘Claw to Tail’ and ‘Root to Stem’ dinners which will explore the fruits of the sea and of the ground respectively. Events to held on the last Thursday of every month.

£45 Dining Experience | £30 Matched Wines

To book, please visit our website, email or call us on 0131 6770244