The Gardener’s Cottage is a restaurant in Royal Terrace Gardens at the foot of Calton Hill. Built in 1836 the cottage, which was originally home to the gardener, has been transformed into Edinburgh’s home for seasonal cooking and social dining. Seated at long communal tables our guests can enjoy weekend brunch, an a’la carte lunch menu, or an inventive, set seven course dinner menu, using only the best seasonal, local produce.


Dinner — Friday 3rd March

Set menu £50



Sourdough, herb crème fraîche
Highland burgundy potato crisps, fresh cheese
Roe deer carpaccio, apple, caper crostini


Scallops, cauliflower, celeriac, channel wrack


Halibut, mussels, razor clams, wild leeks, fennel


Lamb, carrot, beetroot, wild garlic, scurvy-grass


Rhubarb mousse, pear, sorrel


Brinkburn rye toast, beetroot chutney, Dorstone ice cream, walnut


Malted baba, whisky, mascarpone



This was exceptional.

“The piece de resistance – a very Edinburgh expression, that – was the five-year-old mutton with winkles and a mild onion puree. This was exceptional.”

AA Gill, The Sunday times



Can it really be this perfect?

“Can it really be this perfect? On balance, I’d say yes. It can. The restaurant is located in a building dating from 1836 that was once the cottage of the gardener. Out front, on either side of the gravel path, are vegetable patches. They are as much a declaration of intent as sources of food. The young team here does not just mouth the litany of seasonal and local; they mean it… Lunch in the Gardener’s Cottage is one of those experiences that stops the world for a while, and we can always do with one of those.”

jay rayner, the guardian



A pretty magical experience.

“Despite an evening of eating, no-one is too full. There is nothing too rich or heavy throughout – inventively wholesome springs to mind, while the focus on seasonal and fresh is apparent. When we forgot we were sharing a table with six other folk, I’m not too sure, but we all agreed the food and atmosphere, plus the £35 a head food bill, all combine to make this a pretty magical experience.”

Lynn o’rourke, the scotsman



Deeply and engagingly quirky.

“And with that, we were done. This was a perfectly balanced meal that left us feeling sated but not unpleasantly so, which was healthy but not Spartan. It wasn’t even the sort of food that usually pushes my buttons, but it was produced with such care and thought that it was impossible not to be deeply impressed, - and that was without even thinking about the price or the surroundings.”

richard bath, the scotsman



Best meal I’ve had this year.

“I’m bored with the city, I want to move to the countryside, please. And by that I mean this magical cottage in Royal Terrace Gardens, where Mailley and Murray can feed me every day (except Tuesdays and Wednesdays, when I will grudgingly cook my own dinner). That was the best meal I’ve had this year, and it’s almost autumn.”

Gaby soutar, The scotsman




1 Royal Terrace Gardens
London Road



Brunch: Saturday & Sunday 10am – 2:30pm
Lunch: 12pm – 2:30pm
Dinner: 5pm – 10 pm

Closed Tuesdays



0131 558 1221


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